Karen Xicará February 24th, 2021 EscúchaMEE

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Dogs are always going to be our best friends; no matter all the mischiefs they do we will love and take care of them the best way we can, from keeping them clean to get them to the vet constantly, however there is one thing missing just for the misinformation: the dogs’ waste is highly polluting and dangerous; feces have a lot of bacteria and cause diseases that can be easily transmitted to human beings through air, water, soil and the environment itself. Some of these diseases cannot be transmitted to human beings (Santillán 2019); that is why is important to know how to throw the feces out properly to avoid any inconvenient that it might create.

It is known that the carbon footprint produced in a year by a medium dog is higher than the carbon footprint of a four-wheel drive vehicle. (Font, 2016). A better management of waste would help to reduce this; however, we often have an unconscious and bad handling of waste, damaging even more our environment.

When throwing out the dogs’ feces, we usually use plastic bags and put the waste on it, this has to stop! we are polluting more than we think because we are using extra plastic bags; we try to “pollute less” by recycling the plastic bags that are at home, but it is exactly the same, the thing to do is to avoid the use of plastic bags. Besides, there is an important thing to take into consideration, when throwing out the feces in a plastic bag, creates a waterproof effect that cause the feces to “be preserved” for a long time in conjunction with the plastic bag (Cruz, 2016), so: What alternative do we have?

Nowadays, there are companies that make biodegradable bags, and the company M-PETS is one of them: Biodegradable bags for pets’ waste.

These bags are made from corn starch, 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly that is why it assures that the waste is not going to contaminate soil or the environment. M-PETS bags are used as a normal bag, putting the waste inside, and thrown into a trash without any problem, having in mind that you are doing it sustainably. Although, for people seeking to help more, these bags are also 100% compostable by having an effective fertilizer for ornamental plants in an easy and fast way, following the steps for the creation of compost.

You can find these bags in pet shops, like:
1. https://arcadenoe.com.gt/products/m-pets%C2%AE-biodegradable-waste-bags-yellow?_pos=6&_sid=52dfbcd78&_ss=r

2. https://www.dog-gt.com/online-store/Dispensador-Con-Rollo-De-15-Bolsas-p203328119

They have different designs so you can take them everywhere and take care of the planet no matter where you are. Always remember that the changes to help the environment starts from the daily activities we do. Changing them in a more sustainable alternative.


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